How to Order

  1. Email us at and provide us with the following:
    1. Your Full Name.
    2. Cellphone Number.
    3. Delivery Address (not required if you are collecting in Mulbarton, JHB South).
    4. What you would like to order:
      1. Specific Components – Please list all of the components you would like to be quoted on.
      2. Prebuilt PC – Please provide us with either the exact PC you are looking for, or with the specifications you require and what your budget is
      3. Custom Built PC – Please provide us with either the specifications you are looking for, or with the Type (Gaming, General, Work) of PC you require along with your budget.
      4. Laptop/Notebook – Please provide us with what Type (Gaming, General, Work) of Laptop you are looking for along with your budget.
  2. A Sales Representative on our side will then process your order:
    1. They will first confirm Stock Availability and Pricing with the Supplier.
    2. As soon as the above is confirmed, they will send you a Quote in reply to your email.
    3. If you are happy with the Quote, the Sales Representative will confirm all is still in order with the Supplier and send you an invoice for payment. The invoice will contain all the payment details you require to make payment, including, but not limited to, the Banking Details.
    4. As soon as you have made payment and it clears into our account, the Sales Representative will then finalise the order with the Supplier.
    5. Once your order has arrived from the supplier, you will either be informed that it is ready for collection, or you will receive an email with all your Tracking Details, if you chose for it to be delivered.